Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Build-A-Bear Camera

I recently received a request via Etsy for a custom little camera made just the right size for a Build-A-Bear. The lady who ordered this wants to give it to a photographer friend of hers. She had seen this toy camera I made for AJ awhile back and wanted one exactly like it but smaller and with the word Canon instead of Nikon in the front.

Lucky for me, my son has a Build-A-Bear, Buddy, so I was able to scale it down perfectly for him.

Yes, Buddy is fully decked out in Lakers attire. He was raised in a Lakers household and is therefore a die hard Lakers fan.

Adrian and I made Buddy for AJ when he was still in my belly. When you squeeze his hand, he says (in mommy's voice) "Hi AJ, mommy loves you!" (in daddy's voice) "Daddy loves you too!" AJ hearts him.


  1. Too cute Bonnie! I love it!

  2. so cute!! btw, i'm making you a new blog button as well... it just looks different and i like things to coordinate... that ok with you?! ;)

  3. So sweet!!! My son's Name is Adrian Jace.. We call him AJ sometimes too :)

  4. That is sssooo cute Bonnie!!!:)Awesome job as always!!!!:D


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