Monday, May 25, 2015

Parting Ways Quilt Block

I've had this block stuck in my head for a long time and finally decided to bring it to life. This block takes quite a bit of trimming but the end result is worth it. The finished block size is 6.5" but I will try to come back later and post a size chart for larger blocks. If you make this block, use #partingwaysblock on Instagram so I can see!

The cool thing about this block is that you can mess around with it and create different layouts. I settled on the "kaleidoscope" effect for the pink quilt that I made.

Here is what you'll need:

- Two 5" squares
- Two 7" squares

First, you'll need to draw a diagonal line across the smaller squares to create your HSTs.

Stack both 5" squares on top of each other, right sides together, and sew at 1/4" on each side of the penciled line.

Slice in half along the diagonal line you drew.

Press open and trim at 4.5"

Now slice each of your HSTs diagonally, perpendicular to the line you have sewn.

Place one of the halves on a corner of the larger 7" square, right side up.

Line up your ruler to 1/4" over your corner.

Holding the ruler down, fold over your corner and mark a line along the ruler's edge on your 7" square.

Now draw a line onto your corner 1/4" from the long edge.

Place the corner on top of the 7" square, wrong side up, making sure to line up the two lines you drew. Pin in place.

Trim off the excess corner of the 7" square and then sew down the line you drew. You should be left with a 1/4" seam.

Repeat with other corner and both corners of remaining 7" square. Press seams open and square off to 7".

Draw a line diagonally on the wrong side of one of your squares.

Stack your two 7" squares, right sides together, and sew at 1/4" on each side of the penciled line.

Slice in half along the diagonal line you drew.

Press seams open and trim finished square at 6.5".

And you're finished! I hope this wasn't too confusing. Don't forget to use the hashtag #partingwaysblock on Instagram if you make this block. I'd love to see different variations of this! Happy sewing :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just For You Blog Hop

Wow. Have not written on this blog in forever. I'm working on a redesign and starting fresh but thought I'd pop in to tell you about a book I was featured in! You can now find my Bella Pouch Pattern on Just For You, available at Amazon.

(purchase here)

I had originally designed this pouch to store my Fujifilm Instax camera. But the size and style are so versatile, it makes a great clutch or small bag. Perfect for gifting this Christmas!

Would you like to win a copy of the book? Just leave a comment and I will choose a winner next week! Stash Books will then send a copy of the book to the winner. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quilt Lab Blog Hop: Scattered

I'm so happy to be contributing to Ali's Quilt Lab Blog Hop today. I'm sharing my rendition of her Scattered quilt pattern. I chose to make a patchwork pillow because everybody knows how much I adore patchwork.

Ali was kind enough to work out all the math for me. I used this chart to help me convert her gorgeous quilt into an 18" pillow. I used block 6 for mine.

Instead of using scrappy squares, I went through all my green scraps and created a green scrappy background. I used Medrona Road text for all my squares. I really love the outcome!

For the back, I used my favorite method. I love an exposed zipper and have been using that for all my pillows lately.

I loved this pattern. It was so fun getting to work with Ali's book, Quilt Lab. She used an awesome chemistry book feel for it and I think it's absolutely genius! All the patterns in it are so creative.

You can follow along with other bloggers showcasing their versions of her patterns on the Quilt Lab Blog Hop:

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March 18 - Bonnie (Pink Stitches) is mixing up Scattered (you are here!)
March 24-31 - Link Party. I'm sure there will be some sort of prize too.. ;)

April - Angles

April 1 - I have a free bonus pattern for you!
April 8 - Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations will be modifying on States of Matter
April 15 - Amy Lou Who knows her Calculus (does anyone remember 2Gether?)
April 22 - Deborah from Whipstitch has an awesome new molecule to show you for Molecular

May - Circles

May 6 - Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey gives us some Culture(d)
May 13 - Lindsay (lindsay lindsay) from Lindsay Sews has an Echo
May 20 - Amanda from A Crafty Fox (and Westwood Acres) will make you shudder with a cool version of Aperture Science
May 27 - Angela Cut to Pieces and I teamed up for a joint free pattern!!

There will be link parties and giveaways so come join the fun!

Get your copy today!
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boxy Pouch Tutorial

I've been meaning to post this tutorial for awhile now but have not had (or made) any time for the tedious blogging process. Let me just say that I take no credit whatsoever for the originality of this pouch. This is just a method I use to make it easier for myself. I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos. I took them with my iPhone as I was making the pouch. Here we go.

You will need:
- 2 exterior panels 13" x 8"
- 2 interior panels 13" x 8"
- 2 panels of fusible interfacing 13" x 8"
- 2 panels of cotton batting 13" x 8"
- 12" zipper
- scrap of fabric 4" x 7" for handle (optional)

For the larger sized pouch, I use 15" x 10" panels and a 14 inch zipper. When you get to boxing the corners, cut the squares at 2" x 2" or slightly smaller if you don't want the bag to be as tall. Just play around with the measurements until you find something you like.

If you are quilting the exterior panels, which I did for this tutorial, fuse the interfacing and quilt them before beginning.

First, lay out one of your exterior panels and place the zipper face down, with the zip pull on the left side, along the top of the panel. Make sure it's centered.

Lay one of the interior panels over the zipper and mark a 1/2 inch mark on either side of the panel along the top edge.

Using your zipper foot, sew along the top edge starting and ending at the 1/2 inch marks.

Press both panels to one side of the zipper.

Lay this finished piece face down over your other exterior panel. This time your zip pull should be on the right side.

Place the other interior panel face down over the zipper and mark 1/2 inch on each side again. Sew along the top starting and ending at the 1/2 inch mark and then press down both sides.

Now top stitch on both sides of the zipper, again starting and ending at 1/2 inch from the edge.

Your panels should look like this. Now separate the exterior panels from the interior panels and sew along the bottom edges of both. I forgot to take a picture of this step but just sew as if making a regular zipper pouch. Only sew the bottom of the exterior panels and the bottom of the interior panels, leaving an opening for turning later. DO NOT sew along the side edges where the zipper is.

Now, fold the panels so that the seams are aligned with the zipper. Press seams open.

Pin back the interior panels on one side of the pouch.

Sew along the exterior panels, including the zipper at 3/8" along the edge.

Go over the zipper a few times to reinforce. Repeat with the other side exterior.

Now pin back the exterior panels.

Sew along the interior panels over the zipper once again, this time at 1/4" from the edge. Repeat with the other side and set pouch aside.

If you are attaching a handle, cut your scrap piece down to 4" by 7".

Press in half lengthwise and then press both edges towards the center, just as you would with a purse handle.

Top stitch along the edges and then sew a couple of lines in between to make sturdier.

To box corners, draw out a square on an interior corner at 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Start measuring at the seam on the side edge.

Cut out the square.

Position the corner so that the seam is in the center and then sew it closed. Repeat with the other three corners of lining.

Now cut out the corner squares on the exterior panels. Before you sew them shut, insert the handle into one of the holes and center it to the seam. Sew closed.

Pull the other end of the handle out from the corner closest to it and center it to that seam before sewing shut.

Cut excess fabric and close the two remaining corners.

Now turn the entire pouch right side out from the opening in your lining. Sew opening closed.

Gently stuff fabric scraps into your pouch to help you press your pouch really pretty and perfect.

And you're done!

Again, I apologize for the dark/blurry photos! I hope you can still use this tutorial to make pretty gifts and project bags. I love using this style of pouch for everything. If you decide to make this pouch and post pictures on instagram, hashtag it with #psboxypouch so I can check it out!!

Now, want to win this pouch? Find me on Instagram @greenletterday to enter! Thanks for stopping by!