Sunday, May 15, 2011

Instant Satisfaction

As you all may have noticed, my blog got a make over!! This is all thanks my beautiful and talented friend, Laura! She is such a sweetheart! She's been so patient in making everything exactly how I wanted it. What do you think?? Please go visit Laura at Live.Laugh.Photograph and show her some love! She is amazing!


Making my first quilt has proven to be sooo relaxing. However... I was in the mood for a quick sewing fix so I whipped up a couple of zipper pouches for my etsy shop. But I couldn't decide if I like them better with boxed corners or flat. Since I'm making them for you guys, I'm letting YOU decide!

Here is a medium sized zipper pouch with boxed corners. I brought them in about 1 1/2 inches. It is self-standing and still fits a lot of goodies inside.

This is the flat pouch. They are the exact same measurements but since I didn't bring these corners in, it looks bigger. It can still stand by itself when you put stuff inside.

I want to make a lot more of these for my shop so I'd like for you guys to leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite style. I'd really appreciate it!! In the meantime, these two are already up for sale.

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  1. I like the flat corners. Those are really cute!

  2. I lovelove the box corner, and everytime I go out somewhere I always get complements on the one you made me :-)

  3. I like them both - but I love the boxed corners! So cute!!

  4. thanks for the shoutout, love!

    i am having a hard time deciding.... i think i like the boxed corners a tad bit more. i could really use to fit my makeup in there! hehe

  5. Hi how are you I haven't been in touch for ages .i like the cornered bag bbest you'd fit more stuff in !!!!

  6. I love the boxed corners! It's easier to stand them up when I'm trying to get make-up in and out quickly. Both are terribly adorable tho :)


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