Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Scrappy Pouch and More Canvas Love

Can you tell I love zippered pouches?! Especially scrappy ones!

I went out with one of my dearest friends from high school last night and I whipped up a cute little zippered pouch to give her. Her name is Jackie so that's what the J is for. I looove using scraps of fabric for these small projects. I used linen for the base of the front and then patched up some scraps for accent and also to compose the back of it. Embroidery floss for the initial and some cute buttons for detail. She loved it! And so did I!

I also received my second Canvas People print yesterday. I am seriously getting addicted to these things!

Did I mention they come with wall mounting supplies?! I'll probably order a couple more in the future to create some sort of wall mural. I've seen lots of cute ideas online.

Oh and some semi-bad news... I was sewing up the coin purses for my "Pay It Forward" post and my needle broke AGAIN! I was on a roll and I had to stop mid-project to go get some more needles. After I got back home it was time for Team Mom meetings and my date night with Jackie so I didn't get to finish my project :( But I'll be finishing those today and I have a surprise in store!! Stay tuned...


  1. These are so cute, great use of fabric scraps!

  2. Very cute and a very sweet gift!

  3. So creative! I'm always looking for ways to use scraps. Thanks for the great idea!

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