Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Skirt

I have been hoarding about two yards of lime seersucker for months now. I got it on Clearance at Hobby Lobby (the girl at the counter said it was discontinued!!). So I've had it sitting in my fabric pile just waiting to be made into a cute spring skirt for me. I decided today was the day!

I only have one little boy, so it's not too often that I can make some cute girly stuff. So naturally, I added the cotton eyelet trim (gives it that perfect dainty touch). This elastic waist skirt was so easy to make. I'll probably make another one so I can have a tutorial for you guys.

I added a cotton knit lining because the seersucker is pretty transparent in the sun. The only thing that suuucks is that I calculated incorrectly and cut the knit too short. Oh well! I might just take it off altogether and just wear a slip (which is what I wanted to avoid by adding the lining in the first place!). Or I might just wear it like that anyway. Who knows!

I'm so excited for Easter! My whole family is getting together at my uncle's house. It's in the outskirts of town so I think it qualifies as living in the "country". I don't know, but there will be ponies and goats and pinatas and FOOD!! My cousin usually DJs too so I know it'll be loads of fun!

What are your plans for Easter??


  1. Super cute! It just screams Spring! I love that soft green color! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  2. Very cute Bon! Happy Easter!

  3. I love the green seersucker paired with the trim. Fablous!

  4. Cute skirt! I LOVE seersucker!!! Wow..big doins for you for Easter!!! Have fun!

  5. super cute skirt! I need to make one for myself also!

  6. { L O V E } that skirt! the eyelet is adorable.


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