Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Stitches Tote

I've been wanting to try this! I used my custom stamp and some fabric paint (check out this post to see how I did it) to print my logo onto some unbleached cotton. I washed it and then sewed some colorful trimmings onto the sides and top. Can't be complete without the owls lining and hot pink straps!

It was really hard to photograph today. It is so windy! And although I wasn't too happy with this tote as I was making it, I'm happy with the finished product. I made it for myself so I can haul all my T-Ball stuff to practices and games.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy some precious time with your families!

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  1. Love the bag, it's so cute! I'm a new follower and definitely going to look around. I just broke out my new sewing machine out of the box and am still practicing how to sew in a straight line, baby steps right? : )

  2. Cute bag. Also, great promotion for you! Love it!

    I need a Mommy Therapy bag!

  3. The fabric design of your bag is good. Click this link to get more designs in weaver textile ....:


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