Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Wishlist

I always look forward to Mother's Day. That day in particular makes me feel super special and appreciated for all the hard work I put into raising my little monkey. Even though AJ isn't in school yet or old enough to "make" me things, I love that my husband gets me gifts from the both of them. And he tends to spoil me on this day too (which I LOVE!). Here are just a few things I've been eyeing lately...

I love collecting two things: PURSES and WATCHES! This purple Fossil watch is not available yet but I'm dying to have it!

FABRIC!! I don't care what kind, although some designer fabric bundles would be nice (wink, wink). They're so purdy! has some fabulous choices.

Books! We have no bookstore in this city. Can you believe it? We made national news! The only CITY in the U.S. with no bookstore! So I have to do all my book buying online or wait for out of town trips. My book list has grown. I love the convenience of ebooks but there's nothing like holding a book in your hands and placing it in your bookshelves when you've finished reading it. I'd love some good sewing/craft books and I've also been wanting these books for the loooongest time!

I mentioned I love PURSES! I am droooooling over this Anthropologie Petal Pouf Bag! Honestly, any single thing from Anthropologie would make me SUPER happy. A gift card would be perfect!!

What momma doesn't love getting flowers on Mother's Day! Despite what some girls might think, flowers are NOT a waste of money. Not in my opinion anyway. They make me happy and they make my house look and smell pretty. With flowers around, I'm always in a good mood!

Anything in my Etsy Faves posts would be awesome too! Hmm, maybe I should email this list to a coupla people (hehehe). What do you want for Mother's Day??


  1. well those are some awesome choices!! i definitely think you should email them! lol

  2. You should!!! Go write the email now!!!!hehehehe They're all fabulous:)
    I hope I could decide what to make for my mom... I have a huge list on my blog...and I can't make up my mind... little help...pls???
    Have a sew great day:)

  3. You have some great ideas for pressies! My hubby would have loved an email with suggestions as to what to get me, he gets in such a tizz over buying things!

  4. Do you have a joann's? If you do you can use it as a substitute for a book store. I had no idea that joanns had a sewing/quilting book section that was worth anything. I went the other day and got a book ( with my 40% off coupon! it was awesome! the book was cheaper than getting it on amazon and i didn't have to pay shipping! If you have a Joanns you should try it out! ;)

  5. This is my first visit to your share my love of fabrics...and bags!
    By the way...check out my site for a link to a give of my bloggy buddies is having a Mother's Day give away andit's a bag I created!


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