Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Etsy Faves #2

Today was a HUUUGE fail in terms of sewing. I wasted an ENTIRE roll of heat transfer paper. My Silhouette was misbehaving today and I must admit, I was really mad at it! And after that, every project I started just went all kinds of wrong. I didn't have all the right materials or I cut the fabric incorrectly or I just couldn't find a cute enough pattern. By the end of the afternoon I was beginning to wonder if my A/C had broken down cause I was breakin' a sweat! Frustration to the max! So I decided to just post another episode of Etsy Faves!

Today I'm featuring prints. I've recently become obsessed with framed prints and I think they'd be a really sweet gift for Mother's Day coming up. Here are my faves!

Sarah Moldovan has some of the most original romantic pictures I've ever seen. With some beautiful white bold frames, they can really make a room. I want my house full of these prints!

When I think of Simply Hue, the words whimsical, vintage, and fun come to mind. I can't emphasize enough how much I adore these prints! I want them all over my craft room. There is so much pink!

Sherri Conley has lots of trees and animals in her photos. She takes beautiful nature shots that make me want to go on vacation. Or at least hang these prints on my walls and pretend I've been places!

Do we love bright prints?! Shannon Blue Photography is one of my all time favorite shops. She can make anything look beautiful with her amazing skills. I love all these prints and more!

Are you loving the Tiffany's box as much as I am?? I hope these prints inspired you today! Or at least gave you some gift ideas to check off on your list :) I know I'm adding these to my Mother's Day wish list. Have a great day!!


  1. Sorry you had a rough project day. Hate it when projects don't go the way I have envisioned, BUT I usually learn something from those mistakes :)

    Tks for sharing some great Etsy sites.

  2. So beautiful!! I have days like that in my sewing room too! Thanks for following me!!!! See you soon,

  3. These are some gorgeous prints!!! I'm so glad you shared them!!!
    And I'm sorry that you had a bad day:) I can understand perfectly what you mean... Don't let anything get you down!!!

  4. sorry you had a bad creative day! i hope today is better! thanks for the links! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah Moldovan and Simply Hue. I need some of those prints for my walls!


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