Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy Faves #1

I couldn't sleep last night so naturally, I took a stroll down Etsy and did some window shopping! I have been seeing some really great shops that sell beautiful, UNIQUE jewelry. So I'm gonna share a few of my faves today!

First up, HeatherKent. She hand paints these beautiful necklaces! These are just some that I love, she has so many!

Another one of my faaaaves is The Blue Balloon. She has amazing vintage inspired pieces that make me drool!!

I just love AgHalo. If you're looking for cute novelty pieces, this is the place to go! She handcrafts all these beautiful pieces out of sterling silver! She has something for EVERYONE!

Finally some good ole handstamped jewelry at Rose Creek Cottage. There are literally hundreds of handstamped jewelry shops on etsy but this is just one that really caught my eye.

I think any one of these shops will have the perfect Mother's Day gift for your momma! Right now is the perfect time to order! Happy shopping!


  1. That little sewing machine is absolutely adorable!!!

    Nice finds ;)

  2. if only i had more money... i would buy all of them! lol

  3. They are all lovely and unique items! Love them all! Thanks for sharing.


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