Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Mail

The last couple of weeks have brought beautiful things in the mail for me. These are all gifts that I've received from bloggy friends recently (either from winnings or swaps). Presents make me happy!

1. Chalkboard Coasters from Shelley at Crazy Wonderful
2. Fat Quarter and Buttons from Tracy at TraySeeH
3. Handmade Key Chain from Brooke at Craft a Better World
4. Spring Ring from Kelly at The Pretty Bee
5. Sewing Goodies! (Fat Quarter, Buttons, Ribbon, Thread, Embroidery Floss, Straight Pins and Pin Cushion) from Lore at Brighteyes1028

Thank you ladies!! I love snail mail! I think I have a birthday coming up... hehe. Have a great weekend :)


  1. Yay the coasters didn't break! I've been stressing over that :D

    Great goodies!

  2. wow that is awesome!! i need to make some bloggy friends who will gift me! LOL

    Happy Easter!! and btw, i did it! i got the Easter shopping done! whew!


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