Sunday, November 6, 2011


Checking things off the list one by one! Now that my hubby is home for the entire week, I can go full throttle with this Christmas Market business. I don't wanna show you everything just yet but here are some teasers.

I've finished some pillows and I have more in the making.

I've also made some reusable gift bags.

And here is a glimpse of all the iPad cases and some 10" zipper pouches I've made.

I've still got a bajillion things I need to get done like pricing and display but I'm moving right along! I'm really nervous that I won't sell a single thing. I might just cry if that happens! Just make sure and send me happy thoughts next weekend lol. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. I am sending you happy thoughts!!! I have done a few craft fairs and maker's markets, and at the first one I sold nothing, but then I've had many where I've made a few hundred dollars. From my first one I learned to have lots of different kinds of products aimed at all ages and to have lots of ranges in price.

    Also, if you can have something inexpensive that can be personalized you will probably get a bunch of people at your booth. At the last Christmas fair I sold at, I was next to a lady who had little felt stockings people could glue their names in glitter on and put a candycane in it. They were $2. I swear she sold a hundred of those and then those people would look more closely at her items (she had sewn stuff like pillows and maybe crocheted hats?) and buy more. It was genius!!!

    Good luck! And have fun!

  2. You shut your mouth! Your products are AWESOME and I know you'll make some good sales!! I hope you come home almost empty handed!! Best of luck! Hope you are able to finish up everything you have planned this week! **HUGS**

  3. No way will you not make a sale. Everything looks fabulous!

  4. you are going to sell out! people will rush your booth like it is black friday at target!

  5. I love your blog!!! New follower, coming from Soleil Selene :)

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  7. Oh my word, your stuff is so cute I have no doubt it will all get bought up incredibly fast! I love your blog!! Thanks for posting and good luck as you finish all of your amazing work for the Christmas market :)

  8. Incredible! I love it all. Best of luck this weekend. I will be thinking of you as I sell out my own table at a craft fair.

  9. You will definitely have a buyer with me! I'm looking forward to getting an iPad case!

  10. I'm sure that you'll have a sold out Bonnie:D I know you will!! Just keep sewing your wonderful makings!!! I wish I could be there too :( I know what you mean, I'm participating too in a craft fair the first weekend of December, and I'm so nervous too that I won't sell anything!! But I try to keep a positive mind!!

    Your stuff are WONDERFUL Bonnie!!!!! Keep on sewing girl:D


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