Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tote & Book Swap Sent: Pt. 2

My second partner Holly received her goodies a couple of days ago so now I can share more pictures from the Tote & Book Swap. After looking through Holly's Pinterest boards, I knew I wanted to use quilt blocks like I did with Tara's tote. With this tote, I started off with these colorful blocks using HSTs in contrasting dark and light fabrics to create a diamond shape.

Then I added 3 inches of Essex linen in Natural to the bottom to make it into more of a rectangular shape. The tote is huge and durable, perfect for family trips to the library. The book I sent is a timeless classic, Pride & Prejudice. It's one of my favorite books! I am totally in love with Mr. Darcy.

I also sent her some other goodies like washi tape, a stamp/ink pad, and a really cute notebook. I've already received Holly's package and I'll be sharing what I received from her and from Tara very soon! You can follow along on Instagram (@greenletterday) to see more daily photos. Have a great week!


  1. Looks great Bonnie!! I've missed your awesome swaps :(

  2. Your work is always so stunning and inspiring! Will you be doing another swap sometime soon?

  3. That is one of the most beautiful totes I have seen! I just want to keep looking at it. The colors are dazzling!

  4. love love love love love!!!!!!!

  5. oh my! your use of colors is incredible!! it looks gorgeous


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