Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quilt Top Finished

I finally finished my quilt top last night and I.LOVE.IT.

If you recall, I was originally going to make a quilt like this using this pretty Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric. Those plans went out the window when I saw this quilt. I just had to make one!

I used 90 8 1/2" blocks using this method, 9 blocks across and 10 blocks down. I'm considering adding a dark grey border to make it larger. Thoughts? I think I just might.

As per some quilters' recommendations, I'm going to Target later to see if I can find a pretty flat sheet to use for the backing. If not, then I'm going to order some Kona solid in Charcoal for the border and back. Still undecided on the quilting and binding. Any suggestions?

I especially want to thank Nicke from Kiss, Kiss... Quilt for being such an angel and a mentor and helping me venture into the quilting world! I'd be lost without my bloggy friends!


  1. Oh my!. That is gorgeous!. You have some talent girl :)

    I've been sitting on the fence lately about whether to take some sewing classes because I would LOVE to learn how to quilt. My dream is to make some beautiful quilts for each of my girls and have them hand them down to their children and so on.

    Great idea!

  2. Love it and I think a dark grey border would be awesome!

  3. It's so bright and colorful!! I love it! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. Bonnie! You've out done yourself! This is gorgeous and I too think a grey border would look awesome!

  5. One second Bonnie!! Let me fix my jaw, cause it has fallen off :) My god it's gorgeous!! That fabric line is plain beautiful!! And yes!! do add grey border..pls!!!

  6. you are honestly the sweetest girl in the whole wide world!
    holy cow bonnie it is beautiful! i love love love love it. i would definitely do a border in charcoal and then do a scrappy binding with all of the scraps you have leftover, if there is any.... i think it would look awesome! i finished my dream on quilt last week too. i've got to get my better half to help me take some pics again.


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