Friday, May 27, 2011


First of all, I just have to say that I have the most amazing, supportive and beautiful friends in Blogland! I was feeling really crummy yesterday and you guys showed me so much love with your sweet sweet words! I immediately felt better and after a long talk with my husband (and a good cry), he reassured me that my job was a lot tougher than his. Strangely enough, last night my son got really sick with croup and I was more grateful than ever to be able to stay up all night with him without having to worry about taking him to daycare the next day. God really has a way of opening my eyes and showing me how blessed I am. Whew! I guess we all have days like that, huh?

Moving on, I've been working my way up to work on a big project. For some reason, I am really scared of painting my furniture. I'm afraid I'll mess it up BADLY. I have a really dark bookcase in the entrance of my house that I am dying to brighten up. I bought a few paint samples last week and what was the first thing I painted? My shoes! That same day, I asked my hubby to paint this sign too.

I know it's not a piece of furniture. Baby steps, baby steps. He spraypainted it the same color as my flats.

I went to WalMart this morning to get groceries and happened to remember to get this.

When I got home (after I put away the groceries), I started to distress my PRAY sign. I had no idea what I was doing. I just sort of scrubbed all the edges and lightly passed over the surfaces. This is what I ended up with.

And then I placed it on it's new home next to this cute pillow.

While at the grocery store, I also took Laura's advice and bought myself a $5 bouquet of roses. I love how they look in mason jars. Ofcourse, I'm not quite as good at photographing them as she is!

So do I pass the test?? Am I ready to take on this bookcase?

I'm still a little scared! But I will do it eventually, once I settle on just the right color. I also have to keep in mind that I'm repainting my walls soon so I have to coordinate this with another color. I think I decided on slate-colored walls?? I guess the question marks don't really make me sound too sure. We'll see! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy it with your families!


  1. SO sweet! Being a Mama is the hardest job ever!
    I'm with you on fear of destruction.. I have had a week or so of FAIL projects.. That shelf.. If you mess it up you just strip it back down and try again. You can do it!!! xoxox

  2. aaaaah it turned out amazing!!!!!!! seriously, you can't go wrong when sanding... just a little bit at at time :) and i'm soo glad you splurged on flowers :) it really does brighten your day and they are just so pretty to look at!

    i think you are ready for the bookcase!! you can't go wrong with white or a lighter shade of gray if you paint the walls slate. and since it's dark unerneath, if you sand the edges, the beautiful color will show through! i think, no i'm telling you to paint it hehe! aaah i'm so excited :)

  3. i love how it turned out! you *might* have just given me the courage i needed to do the same to some of the modern crap i have in my house. (you know how much i hate modern crap. lol) of course, might being a key word. :-P

  4. I need to redo my kitchen table so if you do your book case I will do my kitchen table.

  5. my husband used to say the same thing whenever he had the opportunity to be with the kids for a weekend while I was away. He always said that he had the much easier job!!! He is a wise man. Glad you had your cry, and then your aha moment when you realized being able to be up all night with your sick wee one was by far and away the best thing in the world!!!

  6. I'm so glad you are now feeling better!! I'm sorry to hear about your son though!! Take good care of him:)
    That Pray piece turned out cute:) you multi-talented girl:)
    Have a great weekend with your family!!

  7. Hooray, so glad you feel better. You did an outstanding job on "PRAY"!

  8. The best advice my mom ever passed on to me was.."Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" It's just wood and paint...go for can always paint over it! Happy painting! You did a super job on the the color and the vintage feel you created with the sanding!

  9. I hope your son feels better soon. I am scared to screw things up by painting them as well. I have a couple of hanging shelves and a couple of book shelves I want to paint but I am too scared haha.


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