Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laptop Sleeve

I love custom orders! I recently got a request from a friend to make a padded case for a Macbook. I immediately thought of Keyka Lou's latptop sleeve pattern.

Her only request was that it be blue. So I picked out some gorgeous blue fabric that I had bought on my last trip to Joann's. I bought a ton of it because I loved it so much (I might make a pillow with the rest).

I used my Denyse Schmidt "Picnic Fairgrounds" fabric for the lining. I love how the yellow contrasts with the aqua.

And instead of the velcro closure, I used the double button windup. I had seen a Fossil Tech cover that had one and fell in love with the look. I used some giant wooden buttons. I kinda like the mismatched look. I didn't go too mismatched though because I didn't want to have an unhappy customer! lol

Can you tell I love Fossil? On that note, I need to take a moment to brag a little. I can brag right? It is my blog after all. My husband bought me this gorgeous leather purse, wallet, and butterfly earrings from Fossil for our 6 year anniversary.

I love the fabric pompom and the striped lining on the bag! Isn't he the absolute bestest?! I wuv him sooooo much!! Have a great night!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Stitches Tote

I've been wanting to try this! I used my custom stamp and some fabric paint (check out this post to see how I did it) to print my logo onto some unbleached cotton. I washed it and then sewed some colorful trimmings onto the sides and top. Can't be complete without the owls lining and hot pink straps!

It was really hard to photograph today. It is so windy! And although I wasn't too happy with this tote as I was making it, I'm happy with the finished product. I made it for myself so I can haul all my T-Ball stuff to practices and games.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy some precious time with your families!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Wishlist

I always look forward to Mother's Day. That day in particular makes me feel super special and appreciated for all the hard work I put into raising my little monkey. Even though AJ isn't in school yet or old enough to "make" me things, I love that my husband gets me gifts from the both of them. And he tends to spoil me on this day too (which I LOVE!). Here are just a few things I've been eyeing lately...

I love collecting two things: PURSES and WATCHES! This purple Fossil watch is not available yet but I'm dying to have it!

FABRIC!! I don't care what kind, although some designer fabric bundles would be nice (wink, wink). They're so purdy! has some fabulous choices.

Books! We have no bookstore in this city. Can you believe it? We made national news! The only CITY in the U.S. with no bookstore! So I have to do all my book buying online or wait for out of town trips. My book list has grown. I love the convenience of ebooks but there's nothing like holding a book in your hands and placing it in your bookshelves when you've finished reading it. I'd love some good sewing/craft books and I've also been wanting these books for the loooongest time!

I mentioned I love PURSES! I am droooooling over this Anthropologie Petal Pouf Bag! Honestly, any single thing from Anthropologie would make me SUPER happy. A gift card would be perfect!!

What momma doesn't love getting flowers on Mother's Day! Despite what some girls might think, flowers are NOT a waste of money. Not in my opinion anyway. They make me happy and they make my house look and smell pretty. With flowers around, I'm always in a good mood!

Anything in my Etsy Faves posts would be awesome too! Hmm, maybe I should email this list to a coupla people (hehehe). What do you want for Mother's Day??

A Reusable Grocery Bag

I think I just became Keyka Lou's biggest fan!

I've been seeing a lot of ladies using her Grocery Bag PDF Pattern to make beautiful reusable grocery bags for gifts and for themselves so I finally got sucked into buying it and trying it out.

I fell in love with the simplicity of this design and the largeness of the bag! This pattern is based on the plastic bags usually used at grocery stores but it's about three times bigger and it doesn't harm our environment! And I have been hoarding this fruit fabric for this specific use. It looks perfect!

Speaking of fruits, I'm allergic to pineapple. This is a big suck because, as most of you know, pineapple is delicious. Every now and then I cheat and eat just a tiny bit of pineapple when nobody is looking. This results in some horrible and gross blisters in my mouth or on my lips. Not cool. Sometimes though, I get REALLY lucky and nothing happens.

On Easter Sunday, my aunt made her usual fruit salad. It has a bunch of stuff like whipped cream, jello, and... pineapple. I figured since the pineapple was really well hidden, as were the other pieces of fruit, amongst the whipped cream, I could safely eat this without feeling guilty and thus, TRICK my body into thinking there was indeed no pineapple in this treat. I ate a bowl full.

The next morning, Monday, I examined my mouth and was pleased to discover absolutely nothing. I had won! (Or so I thought...)

Bonnie = 1 / Pineapple = 0

Tuesday, I woke up with an uncomfortable blister right on the corner of my mouth. It was I who had been tricked!

Bonnie = 1 / Pineapple = 1

When I tried brushing my teeth, I could hardly open my mouth without the blister hurting me. It felt like my skin was tearing.

Bonnie = 1 / Pineapple = 2

Same thing happened when I tried eating throughout the day. Not only could I not enjoy pineapple, I could not enjoy any food at all without pain.

Bonnie = 1 / Pineapple = 3

During the night, while I was sleeping, I had an itch on my lip. I absentmindedly scratched the crap out of it and woke up in agony. I had scratched off the beginnings of a scab and some skin from my lip. I now look like The Joker from "The Dark Knight".

You know what, let's not keep score. Bottom line, I learned my lesson. And that is... Don't try to outsmart a pineapple.

I'll leave you with some cute pictures of my little monkey enjoying his Crayon Roll and some dinosaur coloring pages. How he can sit comfortably like that is beyond me!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Etsy Faves #2

Today was a HUUUGE fail in terms of sewing. I wasted an ENTIRE roll of heat transfer paper. My Silhouette was misbehaving today and I must admit, I was really mad at it! And after that, every project I started just went all kinds of wrong. I didn't have all the right materials or I cut the fabric incorrectly or I just couldn't find a cute enough pattern. By the end of the afternoon I was beginning to wonder if my A/C had broken down cause I was breakin' a sweat! Frustration to the max! So I decided to just post another episode of Etsy Faves!

Today I'm featuring prints. I've recently become obsessed with framed prints and I think they'd be a really sweet gift for Mother's Day coming up. Here are my faves!

Sarah Moldovan has some of the most original romantic pictures I've ever seen. With some beautiful white bold frames, they can really make a room. I want my house full of these prints!

When I think of Simply Hue, the words whimsical, vintage, and fun come to mind. I can't emphasize enough how much I adore these prints! I want them all over my craft room. There is so much pink!

Sherri Conley has lots of trees and animals in her photos. She takes beautiful nature shots that make me want to go on vacation. Or at least hang these prints on my walls and pretend I've been places!

Do we love bright prints?! Shannon Blue Photography is one of my all time favorite shops. She can make anything look beautiful with her amazing skills. I love all these prints and more!

Are you loving the Tiffany's box as much as I am?? I hope these prints inspired you today! Or at least gave you some gift ideas to check off on your list :) I know I'm adding these to my Mother's Day wish list. Have a great day!!