Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paying It Forward

Last week I landed upon Shelley's blog, Crazy Wonderful and she was giving away some beautiful Chalkboard Coasters to the first five people who commented on her post. She was "paying it forward" and lucky me... I was commentor number four! So as we speak, some cute little coasters are heading my way. So now it's time for me to "Pay It Forward"!!

I'm giving away some mini coin purses to my first five commentors!!

You can use them for money, credit cards, even your keys can have a cute home in your purse :)

They won't all be the same fabric but I promise they will all be beautiful!

These coin purses will only go to the first five people who comment BUUUUUT worry not! If you don't get to win one this time around, you'll have another chance to win one of these lovely coin purses along with some more goodies! I'm putting together a really awesome prize package to give away on my three month bloggiversary! It's coming up on April 22nd. It's just a way for me to give thanks to all my awesome followers. Love you guys!

Good luck on this one!


  1. Hope I win! I love your stuff!!
    - emily

  2. How awesome!! I love the paying it forward idea!

  3. What cute coins purses! I'd love to have one and I like the pay it forward idea also!

  4. I'm soo bummed I missed out :(
    Really CUTE THOUGH!

  5. Those turned out soooo cute!!! Coasters have been sent out!

    And, congrats on your upcoming bloggiversary, woohoo!!! :D



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