Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pattern Testers Needed!

**ETA: The Leap Pad Tutorial is now published on my blog... for free! Thanks to everyone who volunteered or inquired about this pattern!

I've been working on releasing my very first pdf pattern and I'm asking for your help! I need volunteers to test out my pattern for this leap pad case. I made this one for AJ in January and I've put together some instructions and photos so that I can start selling the pattern in my shop.

Pattern Tester Requirements:
- Must know basic sewing skills
- Must know how to sew on a zipper
- Must take really good pictures!
- Must complete the case and send me pictures within two weeks after you have received the pattern
- I'd prefer my pattern testers to have a Leap Pad available for making sure it's a good size, etc. If you don't have kids that own a Leap Pad, you can still participate and adjust the measurements to fit other gadgets you might have on hand

Please help me out! I'd appreciate it so much!! Leave a comment or email me if you're interested and I'll be sending out copies of the pattern next week. If you leave a comment, make sure I can contact you!! Are you a no-reply blogger? Make sure that your e-mail address is accessible on your profile. Thank you in advance!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Ellie! (& Some Flea Market Fancy)

I don't know what possessed me to try making this elephant pin cushion the other night. I bought the pattern from Amy's shop a couple of weeks ago because I fell in love with the cover photo. I knew it'd be a challenge but... let's just say I definitely will not be making these little guys in bulk. Regardless of how difficult this was to make (for me), I love the finished product! And I'm now the proud of owner of a baby elephant named Ellie.

Isn't she the cutest?? She looks even cuter on my sewing table. I have been wanting a cute little pincushion like this for the longest time!

I'm also the proud new owner of a half yard bundle of Denyse Schmidt's re-released line "Flea Market Fancy"! I pre-ordered this bundle months ago when I first heard that it was coming back. It finally arrived while I was away for Spring Break. I had a happy little slip waiting on my door for me to pick it up. You better believe I'm hoarding these.

By the way, that cute little white crate? Target. Clearance $7! They have them in many colors so go get some. They're perfect for the craft room. Hope you have a lovely week. Happy sewing!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cutting into Aunt Edna

I cut into Denyse Schmidt's new line "Aunt Edna" to make a sample wristlet for my sewing class next week. I love the colors of this line. I rarely work with oranges and yellows but it was a nice change to the usual pinks and aquas around here. And the line is so perfect for spring.

Simple little patchwork design and quilting. My main focus in the class will be putting in the zipper, D-ring and lobster clasp. My class will be using one fabric for the main exterior but I wanted to show them a few variations of what they can make just by knowing the basics.

Using hardware in projects always makes them appear more difficult than they actually are. I love trying out different kinds.

I had some long strips left over after cutting out these tiny squares so I sewed them all up and made a cute iPad case for the shop.

How pretty are all those florals and plaids?? Speaking of iPads, the new iPad HD was released yesterday and I'm thinking about getting it. Has anyone gotten one yet? Is it much different from the iPad 2? Would you recommend it??

So I know I didn't include any green in today's projects (feel free to send me a pinch!) but you can't deny that these bright prints are pleasing to the eye! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Feature Friday #5

It's been soooo long since I've had my Friday Features! But I can't hold off any longer. There is just too much inspiration out there! Let's jump right to the good stuff.

Rusty Hinge showed off her beautiful grainsack bed coverlet but her entire bedroom is just amazing! I'm sooo jealous of that mirror!!

The Lovely Poppy updated her iPhone case by simply covering it with some bright washi tape. How fun is that!

Amber from One Shabby Chick made some adorable Fossil inspired zipper pouches. I had seen those camera Fossil bags and I loved them. But seeing her take on them makes me want to make my own!

This blue dresser by Siltskin Studios is to die for. I so want to learn how to work with milk paint. It's gorgeous!

I just adore this quilt from Where the Orchids Grow. The handstitched details are amazing. You have to go take a closer look!

Hope you were inspired today. Feel free to grab a button from the left sidebar if you were featured. Now go make something pretty!

Pink Stitches

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Square Patchwork Pillow

Before I left for Spring Break, I whipped up a quick patchwork pillow for my living room using Angela's simple tutorial.

I've made one last year, but I like this one much better. Last time, I used 3/8 inch seams instead of 1/4 and it made a huge difference in the finished product.

I quilted it with lattice lines (quickly growing to be my favorite style when it comes to square patchwork) and I used a grey Heath for the backing. It was the perfect project to clear away some of my scraps that I've been sorting through.

I've been working on some great stuff to show you guys including samples for my next sewing class and another iPad case for the shop. I'll be back tomorrow with some photos from my trip! Have a Happy Thursday!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Long!

I have seriously been lagging when it comes to taking pictures lately. I've completed my crocheted baby quilt and I made a new pillow for my living room (which I've shared with my facebook fans). It's so much easier to just snap a photo with my iphone and upload it to Facebook. I don't think a lot of people realize all the work that goes into setting up a photo shoot, uploading pictures, editing them and then posted them on the blog. It's a lot of work! They will eventually find their way here though...

But not until I return from my "camping" trip. I put quotations on camping because we're actually staying at a luxury cabin that we're sharing with my mom and sister's family. I don't know if that technically qualifies as camping, since we're not really roughing it out. I'm so looking forward to it though! I'm taking a million books, hand projects and my handy iPad so I can keep in touch with YOU guys (even if it is only through Facebook for now).

I've assigned partners for the Easter Swap. However, I'm still pending info for Audrey, MMandJsMom, and Lesley. Please email me: greenletterday (at) yahoo (dot) com!! Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easter Swap Sign Up

It's almost Springtime! And with that comes Easter, one of my favorite holidays. In celebration, I'm hosting a little swap.

This time, I'm doing things a little differently though. I want to include our kids because it's one of the few holidays that is as much fun for them as it is for us! If you are not comfortable including your kids, that's totally understandable. I'll be hosting more swaps in the future.

You will be responsible for making one handmade goodie bag, pouch, or basket (see below for options) for each mommy and child you are assigned to.

Sign ups are limited to (3) three people. Mommy + children. If you have more than two kids, you can exclude yourself and sign up (3) kids. You will be assigned the same number of people as you sign up. ((For example: If you sign up yourself and only one child, you will be assigned another mommy with one child))

Fill the goodie bags with either handmade or store bought items. You can use pencils, stickers, candies, etc. for the kids and fabric scraps, sewing tools, chocolate, etc. for the mommies. These are only examples. The sky's the limit!

You have these three options to make and fill with goodies.
You are free to vary them any way you'd like.

1. Zipper Pouch (great tutorial here)

2. Drawstring Bag (great tutorial here)

3. Fabric Basket (great tutorial here)

I know my son LOVES receiving packages in the mail and he's 3! I want to make this special for them. If you feel like you're up for the challenge and are interested in signing up, email me at greenletterday (at) yahoo (dot) com with the following information:

Your name, number of children, children's gender and age (& name if you're comfortable with it), and mailing address

Please write the words EASTER SWAP in the subject line. I'll leave this sign up open until Thursday (March 8th) and then assign partners the following day. I assure you, nobody will see your information except myself and your partner. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Is Near

Last night, I got the itch to sew something bright and colorful. I had been saving these fabrics for something special and I figured it was time to cut into them. I made two large zipper pouches for my shop.

They measure 10"W x 8.5"H with 3" boxed corners. Both are fully lined with fusible interfacing and cotton batting. I kept the quilting light with only a quarter inch topstitch on either side of the center stripes. They are the perfect size to travel with this summer (wink, wink).

Fabrics Used:

Bag One- Washi by Rashida Coleman-Hale in Beige, Ta Dots by Michael Miller in Teal, and Quilter's Linen by Robert Kaufman in Ochre.

Bag Two- Hoot Owl With Flowers by David Textiles in Cream, Ta Dots by Michael Miller in Fuschia, and Random Pencil Check by Michael Miller in Green

They are both listed in my shop, along with more pictures. They'd be perfect as gifts for Easter or for graduating seniors too. If you're interested in buying both, message me for a special discount code!

You've probably heard about Google getting rid of Google Friend Connect (GFC), which most bloggers used as a means of "following" other blogs. As of March 1st, it was no longer available for non-Blogger blogs, such as Wordpress, Typepad, etc. Luckily, Pink Stitches is on Blogger so I was able to keep it but who knows if it'll be taken away from here too in the future. So, many bloggers are offering their readers other ways to follow, aside from email or RSS feeds. I've added Linky Followers to my left sidebar. Many other bloggers have it and if you haven't registered there already, I recommend that you do and start re-following your favorite blogs :)

Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

As Of Late

First of all, thank you for all the positive feedback and kind words about my Love Bird Tote. I've been so incredibly busy lately, I haven't had much time to blog or respond to your comments/ emails. But they are all greatly appreciated!!

So what's been taking up all my time? Well aside from planning an upcoming camping trip, I've been teaching sewing classes and working on a crocheted baby blanket for my sister-in-law. In last week's class, we made these adorable card wallets (using Keyka Lou's pattern, which unfortunately is no longer available).

The girls in my class are hilarious and amazing. I find myself looking forward to this "girl time" that I get to have with them every other week. It's great to meet other ladies that are as passionate about fabric as I am! Speaking of which, I just couldn't resist snatching up these fabric bundles at Fabricworm this week.

Aunt Edna by Denyse Schmidt

Pezzy Pez by American Jane

I love anything and everything by Denyse Schmidt (I've already pre-ordered my Flea Market Fancy bundle!!) and how perfect are those great Pez prints? You can never have enough basics in your stash. Aside from sewing class, however, there hasn't been much sewing around here. I've been working on this little guy.

It's coming along slowly but surely. I can't wait to see it all finished. It'll be such a great feeling to get it done!

I want to give a quick shout out to Kendall from Songbirds and Buttons! I won a giveaway on her blog and received this huge package yesterday!

Thanks Kendall!! I love everything! You are so kind and generous.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will continue to prep for this camping trip we're going on for Spring Break. We rented a beautiful cabin by the Guadalupe River and I'm so excited! What are your plans for Spring Break??