Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Long!

I have seriously been lagging when it comes to taking pictures lately. I've completed my crocheted baby quilt and I made a new pillow for my living room (which I've shared with my facebook fans). It's so much easier to just snap a photo with my iphone and upload it to Facebook. I don't think a lot of people realize all the work that goes into setting up a photo shoot, uploading pictures, editing them and then posted them on the blog. It's a lot of work! They will eventually find their way here though...

But not until I return from my "camping" trip. I put quotations on camping because we're actually staying at a luxury cabin that we're sharing with my mom and sister's family. I don't know if that technically qualifies as camping, since we're not really roughing it out. I'm so looking forward to it though! I'm taking a million books, hand projects and my handy iPad so I can keep in touch with YOU guys (even if it is only through Facebook for now).

I've assigned partners for the Easter Swap. However, I'm still pending info for Audrey, MMandJsMom, and Lesley. Please email me: greenletterday (at) yahoo (dot) com!! Have a wonderful Spring Break!


  1. Bonnie, That's my kind of "camping". The only things missing are a nanny & my sewing supplies :) Have a great time!

  2. I hope you got my email with my info!


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