Friday, March 18, 2011

Hellen Goes Aqua

I loved the Hellen Bag so much that I made another one! This one is a tiny bit different. I used padding so it's a little heavier. And there is no magnetic closure, it's just tote-style. I loooove love love this fabric. Its from the Momo for Moda- "It's a Hoot" collection. I bought it at the Quilt Cottage when I went out of town last week.

My favorite is the lining. It's dictionary print in PINK! It says words like Hope, Life, Sunshine and Grow. And would you look at those adorable birds! Birds are also my favorite!!

I'm totally in love with this bag. I almost want to keep it but I made it for the love of my little Etsy shop so it's going up for sale over there, probably tomorrow (still having computer problems). I have some fabric left over as well as some other prints from this line. Can't wait to use them in some other projects. They're so cute! I am so on my way to becoming a fabric hoarder!


  1. Am I stupid but I can't find the link to your etsy shop [nosey me!!! and I love your new bag

  2. Super cute!! I love the fabric choice. :)

  3. The bag shape is awesome and I love the it's a hoot range! Well done. I made a tote and a fabric canvas using different fabrics from the same range if you'd like to have a look.

  4. thanks for linking up! I am featuring this lovely bag today! ^^)

  5. My birthday is in about three weeks. Thanks to your Etsy store, I know exactly what I'm asking for now :) I absolutely LOVE your items!!!!! The Helen Bag is to die for!!! And I also love how you pad them so they can be used as laptop bags. This is hxckendra from Swap-Bot. Keep making those amazing items!!!!!! Take care and happy swapping!


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