Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I *heart* Canvas Prints!

Look at the beautiful canvas print I got from Canvas People!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of AJ printed on an 11"x14" canvas. I just have to share this great deal with you guys! Right now, Canvas People is offering $55 off of any size canvas, PLUS 50% off any additional canvases!!! Can you believe that? So the print I got is 11"x14", usually costing $64.99. I paid $9.99 for it! I am so excited about this. I love finidng great bargains like this.

This means that you can get an 8"x10" canvas (the size of a standard letter sheet) for... FREE!! It usually costs $49.99.

I am really impressed with the quality. Here's a hint if you decide to order. They charge you $9.95 for picture effects such as black & white or sepia. I just used my Photo Editor on my computer to turn my pictures black and white and then uploaded them that way. Saved me $10! And you get the most out of this great deal!

Ok, so here is the coupon code. Just enter: FAMILY55 at checkout and it will be applied to your purchase! I don't know how long this coupon is good for. I just used it again last night to order my second canvas so it should still be good for awhile. I really hope you guys take advantage of this! You won't be disappointed :) I know I sound like an infomercial... but I just had to share this with my readers. I'm so grateful to you guys for supporting me and encouraging me! I *heart* you all!


  1. I too love this pic of chubbers!! xoxo

  2. Such a cutie in the photo on canvas. Looks like you have a creative mind - and love that you're willing to share your talents via the tutorials. I'll come back and check out more on your blog later. Doreen247 from Swapbot. (


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