Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puffy Pouch Swap

For this swap, we were supposed to make our partner a puffy pouch using Pink Penguin's tutorial. I love this little pouch. It was so fun and easy to make. It looks like it's complicated but it isn't at all, which is why I love it! I went crazy looking through all my scraps of fabric trying to narrow it down! Definitely making more of these.

Here is a picture of the lining. And you just use Velcro strips to close it up. Couldn't be easier.

Daytime pics are so much better than middle-of-the-night pics... I usually let out all my creative juices during nap time or after everyone's asleep. The down side is, I get ugly dark pictures when I photograph my stuff immediately after or during tutorials. Oh well.

Game Night tonight!! I have a craving for wings!


  1. This is so adorable! I wish I could sew. I love the colorfulness (is that even a word?) of the pouch. Lucky recipient!

    Tanja (tanchyka on swap-bot)

  2. what a great little bag...
    Unvlmom following from swap-bot Blog Followers #2.. also linked to your blog on my blog.


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