Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Pennant Banner

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So I've been working on a bunch of stuff all week and unfortunately, since some of the stuff is for the swap, I'm not able to share it with you guys yet. But, I did make a pennant banner for our next dessert table and I took some pictures along the way so you can make one too!

Here is what you'll need:

- Scrap fabric (no smaller than 8" by 9")
- Ribbon (I used 7/8" grosgrain in antique white)
- Cardstock for your Pennant Template
- Scissors, thread, straight pins

To make your Pennant Template:

Cut a piece of cardstock down to 8" by 9". You can make it smaller or bigger if you wish, as long as you just add one inch to your width to make your length. For example, if you want your pennant to be 4" wide, your length would be 5".

Now, use the image below to make your template.

Measure to the center of your width at the bottom (in this case 4") and then draw a line from that center to each of the top corners of your cardstock. Cut out your template. *Please email me if this is too confusing*

To make your pennant flags:

Place the template on the fabric you're going to use and trace out two flags.

Cut out your pieces.

Place your pieces right side together.

Sew along the two longer sides and clip the corner before turning right side out.

Make the rest of your flags using the same method.

To make your banner:

Press your ribbon in half lengthwise. (You don't have to but it makes it easier to keep it even throughout the rest of the project)

Leave about a foot of ribbon at one end and then pin the first flag in between the fold.

It's up to you how far apart you want your flags. I left about two inches in between each one. Pin the second and third flags.

Top stitch the ribbon from the beginning edge to the end of the third flag, keeping it folded. Attach three more flags and repeat until you have sewed on all the flags. I did mine three flags at a time so that I could keep the ribbon pulled and straightened as I went along. When you get to the end of your last flag, leave about another foot of ribbon and cut off the excess. Finish sewing the end in half.

And you are finished with your pennant banner!

I made mine for our next dessert table but banners like these are so versatile. They can be used for anything! It's going in my craft room after we have finished using it.

How cute would these look for an outdoor party??

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial and try making these super easy banners for yourselves! They will put a smile on anyone's face :-)


  1. That is so flipping cute! I love the fabrics you chose!

  2. Great tutorial - thanks for sharing! Now, if I could only learn to sew :-)

  3. it is so cute! i love it! i need to make one of these for my daughters room~! sooo loved true blood tonight! i emailed you already! ;)

  4. So cute, love your choice in fabrics! Thanks for the tutorial, although I've made some buntings before, I always have an issue getting just the right 'triangle' now I know!

  5. What a neat craft! You make it look so easy lol! New follower from Meet Me Monday Hop. Drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  6. I love this. And it looks so easy! I am your newest follower, visiting from Craft-o-maniac blog hop. Hope you can stop by and visit soon.

  7. Hello, I found you blog on the Meet Me Monday Blog Hop & I'm a new GFC follower :)

  8. Thank you for this tutorial! It's so great to have. My daughter's birthday is coming up and this will be great! Also a great way to use up scraps!

  9. I love bunting!! So cute!

    Chrissy @

  10. Super cute idea!! I'll have to get my sewing machine out from retirement! =) Thanks for sharing!

    I have a new blog.... would love some followers!

  11. Love this! You are so talented. We would be so happy if you would come and link up at our first ever link party, Crafty Lassie Tuesdays. Thanks Rose and Heather

  12. I love making these but I truly don't nearly enough detail in as you have but it is true inspiration...for sure. thanks for sharing

    i am here via craft-o-maniac - stop by and say hi if you have a chance.

    have a great day

  13. Thanks, this looks pretty easy. I have been wanting to make a pennant banner :-) You did a great job

  14. Thanks so much for linking up!
    We are going to keep this going every Tuesday...
    Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, so invite your friends.
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  15. Love this, adorable! I made a similar one for my daughters room but the colors are fabulous in yours!! I am visiting from Sugar and Dots and I am a new follower!! Hope you have a great week and I see you around soon!

  16. That is so neatly made. Love it.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea-Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. Your post added to the celebration. Party for this week is going on now. Hope to see you there.

  17. You have been featured this week on the Glitter Blog!

  18. I love those colors you chose for the banner - nice job and nice tutorial.

    I'm hosting a fabric giveaway over at my blog - swing by if you get a chance:

    -Q @ JAQS

  19. You are very creative! You inspire me!

  20. I loved your pennants so much I made a couple strings of them for my granddaughter's 7th birthday! They were easy and fun to make! Thanks a bunch!

  21. I'm late on seeing this pin. Looks really easy and I was wondering if bias tape would work as well as the folded ribbon?

  22. Thanks for a great tutorial! Our quilt guild will be using it to make a spring bunting for our April swap :)

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  26. Thats so creative I never thought! You guys are amazing


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