Monday, July 16, 2012

Table Topper

I'm heading out to Corpus Christi again for a few days but before I go, I wanted to share a quick project that I worked on this week. My spool bookcase has been sitting next to my living room sofa as a little side table but I've been having difficulties hiding these holes on top of it.

I figured the easiest and most practical way was to cover them with a cute table topper. I used a round hamper as a guide for a template and used long colorful strips to compose it. The binding was a bit of a challenge. It was my first time tackling a round binding but it turned out great. I used quilter's linen in primrose.

And on days when I don't feel like looking at such busy prints, I can flip it over and enjoy some grey seeds. My table is happy now.

I'll be back at the end of the week to share a tutorial with you and reveal some swap goodies. Have a great week!


  1. That is so pretty! Oh now I'm inspired. I want to make one! :) What is that pink and orange leafy print in there? It's so pretty!
    ♥ Anna

  2. The table topper is gorgeous! Lovely choice of fabrics :)

  3. So sweet, love the colours you've used

  4. Greetings from McKinney Texas!

    This is Very cute. How did you get the spool? What part of Texas are you in?

  5. This is really cute! I love the bright, colourful fabrics you used!!!


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