Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Mail

I received part 2 of my swap with Katie and I love everything! She made me a gorgeous houndstooth/rosette pillow, a birdie t-shirt and a pear mug rug. She's so sneaky. She had posted a picture of the pillow on her facebook, saying it was hers and ofcourse, I drooled all over it. Can you imagine my surprise when it came in the mail for ME??

Yeah, I stole all these pictures from Katie's blog. I haven't taken any of my own pics. I've really been dragging in that department. Do you notice all the handstitched goodness that she added? Those details always make me smile. I'm so happy to have met Katie 6 months ago when she won my very first giveaway. We've become great friends since then and I'm a happier person having her in my life! Thanks for all the goodies Katie!

And now I can finally post about the things I sent to Nicke a couple of weeks ago. I pretty much passed the swap deadline by like a month! I'm so bad! But I hope she liked all the goodies I sent her. I know she's a Hope Valley addict like me so that was my main focus.

Whoa, Bonnie! Is that Hope Valley stationary?? Why, yes it is!! I was totally oblivious of the fact that Denyse Schmidt made paper goods too. And now that I know, I'm obsessed! I got a set for Nicke and a set for myself.

The ruffle pouch is lined with Hope Valley scraps and is made with osnaburg (love!).

And the Hope Valley patchwork pouch has got to be my absolute favorite item ever! It has a magnetic closure and is lined with the same Kona Coal that I used on my Hope Valley quilt.

I also threw in some Joel Dewberry "Heirloom" FQ's. She had mentioned in one of her posts that this was her favorite colorway so I couldn't resist.

These swaps have been very enjoyable and have added so much delight to my days. I enjoy making things for my partners and I just love receiving packages in the mail. It makes ordinary days feel like Christmas! Speaking of which, are you looking forward to a Christmas swap??!


  1. awesome! i love everything! i cant wait to send mine off tomorrow :)
    ps.. ill be ready for a Christmas swap soon!

  2. I am up for a Christmas swap for sure!

  3. Yay! Glad you liked everything!! I LOVE that ruffly pouch!! Everything you do is so cute!!

  4. i love everything you made me! i love love love it! i honestly cannot get enough of that ruffle pouch! i LOVE IT!

  5. The ruffled pouch is adorable! I am your newest follower. :)

  6. I think that zippered pouch needs a tutorial! SO CUTE! I have dreamed about trying one (only bigger and with a stap). I'm in for a Christmas swap. The t-shirt & pillow are to die for too, lucky lady.


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