Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crocheted Flower Hot Pads

Lately, I haven't really been wanting to sit in front of my sewing table for more than an hour. I decided it was time to dust off my crochet hooks and try to make some of these. When I first saw these months ago, I was too scared to try them because they looked so complicated. But, they could not be easier to make!

It felt good to get back into crocheting. I hadn't made anything since this market tote. Crocheting is just as soothing as sewing, except you can take it anywhere with you. Yesterday, I sat down on my living room couch and watched a Reba marathon while I made a bunch of these flowers.

I also wanted to share this little treasure with you. I've always kept a journal since I was in elementary school but having a baby has made it a little difficult for me to keep up with one. This journal is called One Line A Day- A Five Year Memory Book and it allows you only a few lines to write in each day. For example, one page with hold everything you wrote on the 17th of May for five years. So easy to keep up with and it's interesting to see what you were doing a year ago today.

I got it online at Barnes & Noble but I've also seen it on, if you're interested.

I've assigned partners to the Swap this morning so please check your emails if you signed up and gave me all your info this week. If you didn't receive any notice from me, it's because I couldn't find a way to get in contact with you. I checked profiles and there were no blog links or email addresses visible. So sorry! But don't worry, I will be holding another swap closer to fall so next time please include you email address in your comment if it is not on your profile! Thanks to everyone who showed interest. I know it'll be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what you all create!

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  1. they are AMAZING BonBon!!! super pretty! <3

  2. i wish we were neighbors. i would make you teach me to crochet.

  3. Oh...I love these!! I love to crochet and knit, and this is the perfect thing for me to take with me to our camping trip, and do while in motorhome on way up and back! I bookmarked the instruction page, and will start one this weekend. So fun. I agree, sewing is soothing, and so is crochet and knitting. And I love the portability of it!!!

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  5. Those are so pretty! Love the design- we are super impressed bc crocheting looks scary! lol Thanks a bunch for linking up w/ us @ Whatcha Got Weekend!

    Happy Saturday!
    ♥Lolly Jane

    PS: That journal idea is AWESOME! I write in mine each night and would love to see my entries year-by-year to the date. Clever! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Never DID learn to crochet, more's the pity. These are BEAUTIFUL!!


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