Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Finishes

A couple of week ago I got two custom orders for laptop sleeves. My sister and her friend both got MacBook Pros but that's where the similarities ended. They each had their own completely different vision of what they wanted.

My sister chose a simple design in black, grey and yellow. She wanted a double lattice quilting and a vertical entry for her laptop. She also requested a D-ring on the side so she could attach a matching zipper pouch where she keeps her charger.

Her friend chose a design similar to the purple patchwork iPad sleeve I had made for my shop. She wanted straight line quilting (in groups of three) and an asymmetrical flap on a horizontal entry.

It's always a little intimidating when someone has a perfect picture in their mind of what they want and it's my responsibility to make it happen. I'm always scared I won't come through for them but I lucked out in this case. They both loved them!

I went to Corpus Christi with my hubby last week "for his work" and while I was there I picked up some mohair lace yarn. I had never worked with it before but I saw a scarf pattern I just had to try out. It really seemed like I was getting nowhere with that delicately thin yarn, but five days later, I finally finished it.

Here it is in all it's crumpled glory. I love the slightly fuzzy look to it. Minutes after I posted it on Facebook, someone offered to buy it. So I might be in the mood to make another one very soon.

Have you been productive lately? I'd love to see your recent finishes. Feel free to leave me links. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Great tech covers! They couldn't be any more different, could they? But they are equally as lovely.

  2. Love the colors in the purple patchwork- very cute! I've been thinking of making a cover for my Kindle Fire, you just inspired me to actually do it!

  3. ooh, what is the fabric that lines the purple cover with the city names in it? I've been looking for a cute b&w text fabric.


  4. Love the sleeves Bonnie! So cute!! Great job on the scarf! I don't think I could work on one for five entire days!

  5. very cute bonnie. i love both of them. i love the scarf also. it looks very very soft!


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